Summer is ending up here on the North Coast of California. We are expecting rain soon, so here are a few tips for the home owner!

1. If you have a wood stove, call one of the local heating business and have your chimney swept and inspected. This will ensure proper operation, and help prevent chimney fires from creosote build-up. You can go to the Chimney Safety Institute of America at to find resources on wood stoves and chimneys.

2. Check those gutters. I live in the redwood tree zone, and weather the last week or two have brought pleasant breezes in the afternoons. The breezes start to bring down the older redwood leaves, which are pleasant to watch drifting down slowly, but some end up in the gutters!.  Remember to clean the gutters, or call a handy person to do it, helping your gutters handle the rain. A good ladder, sturdy footwear, and a bucket help with your safety if you do it yourself.

3. In the yard, now is the time to add fall fertilizer to the lawn to feed it for next spring. Fall fertilizers have lower nitrogen to encourage good root growth. Fall is also a good time to add some limestone (calcium) to the lawn to raise the pH. Our lawns tend to be acidic. Acidity makes some nutrients not available to the plants, and most lawns like close to a neutral pH.

4. If you have time, the rainy season can be time to clean out some of your filing cabinets. Old paperwork? Old receipts? Manuals for old appliances you no longer own? Call around for shredding services for the sensitive paperwork, and Coast Central Credit Union will shred up to 3 boxes, but only at their Harrison Ave. branch on October 12, 2018. 

5. Before it rains, check around the window trim for caulking. The caulk helps prevent water from seeping in, and should be in good shape, with no cracks or gaps. 

We here at North Woods Realty, Inc hope you have a good week. We are happy to answer you calls about Real Estate questions.